About Bivvy Home Goods LLC

Hi! I'm Cynthia: Owner, Creator and Mad Scientist of WalkingTree Ceramics and French Creek Soap ~ now all under one roof at Bivvy Home Goods LLC. As "Bivvy" means shelter or covering, I thought it was a good place to house both studios.

French Creek Soap Company started because, well, who doesn't LOVE making soap? Have you tried it? 

With a long history of making things, and an undergraduate degree in painting, I have foraged just about every material on the planet to explore and create. With  a late-in-life MA in Art Education, I enjoy the learning the processes as much as the making, and through both, have learned to see things more clearly from different perspectives. Sometimes it comes as an immediate understanding, at other times, in stages ~ as seeing men walking, like trees at first, then finally clearing to see what is real. For those who know me, the ceramics part of my studio is named "WalkingTree" as reference to my height, and a physical connection, being this tall ~ to trees. For those of you who know The King, it is a reference to the miraculous intervention of coming from blindness ~ to sight.

It's a one-woman show here, wearing all the hats, and learning, even build websites. Thanks ahead for your patience + understanding as I strive to get orders done in a timely manner while producing the best quality Home Goods.

If you're still reading, I'm so glad you're here : ) XOXO

Email me, Cynthia ~if you'd like to learn about making :

  • cold process soap ~ loaves, molded, hand-milled or hot process
  • lotions + scrubs ~ sugar + salt scrubs, face masks, lip balm
  • ceramic casting for bowls + mugs and vases
  • slab rolling/hand forming pottery
  • wheel throwing pottery
  • batik/textile dyeing
  • handmade paper
  • craft distilling
  • screen printing
What do you want to learn? Email bivvyhomegoods@gmail.com